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Claymore Rifle, Pistol & Gun Club.

Will shooting make me fit?

It won't make you into a springing athlete, but it may help in calming the nerves and go towards more relaxed breathing. Operating the target frames at some of the ranges is good exercise some say, in pushing them up and pulling them down every 45 seconds.

Do I need any special clothing?

As a beginner no special clothing is required other than ear defenders. It is recommended however that weatherproof clothing and footwear be worn for shooting in inclement weather.

Under what weather conditions is shooting not possible?

Normally when you can't see the target! (Fog, low cloud, snow!) Or in extremely high wind. Shooting must cease if the danger area is obscured.

What if someone wears glasses?

No problem, many shooters do wear glasses. There are alternatives, special spectacle frames for shooting can be used which improve the angle of the lens in use or a single prescription lens can be fitted to the rear sight.

Can I get any assistance and instruction on how to shoot at meetings?

Yes, the club has some of the most experienced shooters around who are only too pleased to give assistance and instruction.

Do I have to do anything other than shoot during a meeting?

Some ranges now have the luxury of electronic targets but assistance in setting up the system is most appreciated. At ranges that do not have electronic targets it is normal practice to share in the operation and marking of the targets over the day's shoot at local meetings.

How much is the ammunition?

Competitive quality ammunition is about £1.00 per shot. There may be a choice of ammunition grades at different prices i.e. from about 60p a round. Many shooters reload their own ammunition at home (FAC required) to reduce costs.

How much will it cost for a day’s shoot other than that for ammunition?

Claymore members do not pay anything other than the costs of their travel and ammunition when attending a Club shoot however if attending as a visiting member at a sister club there may well be a range fee to pay.

Can you win anything at Full-Bore shooting?

Yes, there are competitions for which cups, shields, medals etc. can be won over the season. There are different types of competition such as in Open; Class; Handicap; Scratch; Team; Pairs; Inter-Club etc. of course there is also the world famous Bisley, and then there can be trips for the top shots to other countries representing Scotland or Great Britain in International matches.TR is a Commonwealth Games event. F Class is now an International sport with competitions in Europe the USA and Canada.

How do I obtain a firearms certificate if I wanted one?

You would have to be in regular attendance of club shoots for a period of at least 6 shooting months before applying to the police for a firearms certificate. You will then have to: prove to them that you are a responsible type of person (they will check up with the Club and visit you at home); declare what you wish to obtain in the way of firearms/ammunition; declare where they will be stored along with security arrangements and finally; why you wish to acquire them i.e. target rifle shooting with a recognized club. Firearms Laws must be adhered to by those participating in any form of shooting. Application Forms are available for download from Police Scotland’s web-site.