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Claymore Rifle, Pistol & Gun Club.

Interested in Target Shooting as a sport?

Then there will no doubt be a few questions you would like to ask. Here are some of the more common ones along with the answers.

What is Full-Bore Target Rifle Shooting?

Target Rifle (TR) shooting from 200 to 1,000yds with a rifle of calibre .308Win (7.62mm NATO), .223Rem (5.56mm NATO) or .303 British. The rifles are of single shot bolt action type with sights made up of a foresight element (a small ring or post) and an adjustable peephole type rear sight. Telescopic sights are not permitted in ‘Target Rifle (TR) shooting.

Are there any other types of Full-Bore target shooting?

Yes, there are other classes of shooting.

F Class Permits any calibre up to 8mm and permits telescopic rifle sights and front and rear supporting stands.

FTR This class intended for those with a standard calibre Target Rifle (TR) rifle with the addition of

telescopic sights and front support.

Match Rifle Using only .308Win shot at distances from 1,000 to 1,200yds.

Open Class This class includes virtually any centrefire rifle of calibre’s up to 8mm

What distances are shot at?

Normally shooting would take place at any distance from 100 to 1,000yds.

Do these rifles give a big kick?

Not as big as say a shotgun and should not be a problem to most people.

Is there any other type of target shooting?

Yes; there is Small-Bore rifle; Gallery Rifle; Long Barrelled Revolver or Pistol; Precision Air Pistol & Air Rifle; (these are normally done on an indoor range). There is also Muzzle loading Rifle or Pistol and Clay Target shooting with shotguns (these last are done outdoors).

Is target shooting safe?

Yes, very safe, statistics bear this out. All shooting on ranges are supervised by NRA certified Range Conducting Officer’s (RCO’s). Certain strict safety measures are carried out at each stage of the shoot.

Where and when does shooting take place?

Claymore will hire or book shooting time on suitable available ranges and publish the dates on the web-site calendar

How often are the shoots and which days of the week?

The shoots are monthly or bi-monthly usually on a week-end either a Saturday or Sunday

Do I need to buy a rifle to start with?

No, the club has target rifles available for use in various calibres.

Do I need a firearm certificate?

No, not when at the normal club shoots. A firearm certificate is only required to purchase or possess a firearm and/or ammunition.

Without a firearm certificate how do I obtain ammunition?

Ammunition can be purchased from the club at the time of the shoot on the range for the number of shots to be fired on that day only.

Can I take unused ammunition home?

No, not legally without a valid firearms certificate.

Do I need to buy any equipment as a beginner?

As well as the availability of Club rifles, some other items are available to use but you will be expected to obtain your own equipment eventually.