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Claymore Rifle, Pistol & Gun Club.

Who We Are:

We are a Scottish/Home Office Approved Club Affiliated to National Governing Bodies of Target Shooting Sports in the UK

What We Do: We do it for fun and we also do it to win safely

BRNO ZZK601 winner of the Balmoral match, Scottish Historic Meeting October 2nd 2022

Original Steyr SSG69 winner of Cold War Era match (The Stoner) Scottish Histoirc Meeting October 2nd 2022

.308 TikkaT3TacA1 currently for sale, contact us for details

Where Do We Do It ?

We Shoot at various locations throughout west and central Scotland most of which are within an hour or two from Glasgow by road.

We have regular monthly or bi-monthly shoots both outdoors and indoors throughout the year.

Parker Hale T4 in Artic Warfare & Jungle Cammo

Members Area


We are open to receiving new membership applications 

Next Indoor Range

 March 25th. 2023

Outdoor Ranges

Next Barrack Range

26th. March  2023